• What is the total supply?

    Max supply of AidCoin will be 100,000,000 tokens. No additional tokens will be created after the ICO.

  • Could AidCoin be considered a security token?

    Based on the legal advice we gathered from our partners at KPMG Suisse, AidCoin tokens would not be considered as securities.

  • Which are the recommended Ethereum wallets?

    The recommended Ethereum wallets that allow you to have full control and ownership of your private keys and as such are suitable for receiving and managing AID Tokens are:

    • MyEtherWallet (MeW)
    • Eidoo
    • MetaMask
    • Mist / Ethereum Wallet
    • Geth
  • How can I join the discussion or contact the team?

    You are welcome to join the discussion on Telegram, Twitter and Facebook.


  • What is AidCoin?

    AidCoin is the ERC20 token that aims to become the preferred method to donate transparently through the Ethereum blockchain and to access the ecosystem of services provided by the AIDChain platform. The adoption of cryptocurrencies will impact the way we donate in the future and AidCoin is poised to play a leading role in this new era of fundraising.

  • What is AidChain?

    AIDChain is a platform that provides an ecosystem of services through an easy-to-use interface, connecting the non-profit community while allowing full transparency and traceability of donations. AIDChain’s services include an internal exchange to convert major cryptocurrencies into AidCoin, a built-in wallet to store and donate easily, an explorer to track donations transparently, tools to connect donors with all the actors involved in the non-profit sector and templates of smart contracts to run fundraising campaigns.

  • What is AidPay?

    AIDPay is a payment gateway/embeddable widget that allows charities registered on the AidChain platform to accept donations in different cryptocurrencies directly on their website which are then instantly converted into AidCoin. This is to allow charities to simply manage all donations received within a single wallet while providing transparency and traceability through AidCoin.

  • What problems do AidCoin, AidChain and AidPay solve?

    The non-profit sector today is worth an estimated $2 trillion worldwide, yet headlines in recent times have seen the sector stumble between corruption scandals, gross inefficiencies, false expenses and misuse of funds. Donor’s trust in charities has been declining steadily. In a 2015 poll, more than 30% of those interviewed did not trust charities and nonprofits.

    Given recent scandals, it is understandable that society has grown skeptical towards the non-profit sector. Using distributed ledgers to track transactions, cryptocurrencies to transfer funds and smart contracts to ensure donations are spent correctly, we are determined to make non-profit sector more transparent, efficient and cost-effective.

  • Who is behind this project?

    The AIDChain platform and AidCoin token are conceived and developed by CharityStars, a VC-backed charity fundraising company. Since its inception in 2013, CharityStars’ team of 25 professionals has worked with 500+ charities including Unicef, Save the Children and WWF. CharityStars’ core competency is the ability to forge high-level partnerships between charities, celebrities and high-profile corporations. CharityStars has developed an ecosystem of charities, donors, celebrity donors and gala events which will be key to facilitate the immediate use of the token.